Looking Glass: Navigating the Rapidly Evolving Tech Landscape



Strand' "Looking Glass" report presents a comprehensive analysis of over 100 technology trends through five distinct lenses. It aims to assist organizations in making informed decisions amidst the fast-paced technological changes​.


Key Highlights


AI Everywhere


  • Generative AI's Broad Impact: AI is democratizing, leading to experimentation and investment in areas beyond just Generative AI (GenAI). This includes software development, accelerating product market launches​.
  • The Right Use of AI: While AI is influential, its transformational impact varies. Heavyweight commercial large language models (LLMs) may be too costly for widespread use. A solid data strategy is essential for effective AI utilization​.


Trends to Watch


  • The report lists a range of emerging and future trends, covering various aspects of technology integration in business operations​.


Strategic Recommendations


  • Recommendations include adopting various AI and data-centric strategies, such as AI-assisted software development, ethical frameworks, and GenAI tools​.


Realizing Value from Data and AI Platforms


  • The Necessity of Quality Data: Reliable, up-to-date data is vital for leveraging AI in business operations and decision-making. Turning data stores into strategic assets requires a focus on accessibility, trustworthiness, and interoperability​.
  • Opportunities from Data Platforms: These platforms enable initiatives such as improving compliance, reducing redundancy, gaining competitive advantages, and developing new value sources​.


Evolving Interactions


  • Enhanced Human-Computer Interaction: Methods for interaction are becoming more immersive, offering opportunities to engage with customers, employees, and stakeholders in new ways. Technologies like XR and voice-to-text systems are at the forefront of this evolution​.


Accelerating Physical-Digital Convergence


  • Automation's Expanding Reach: The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is exemplified by advanced automation in various industries. This includes applications in agriculture and aerospace, enhancing processes and contributing to sustainability goals​.




The "Looking Glass" report emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt and be resilient, leveraging technological changes for innovation and growth.

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